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Anti-Slip Non-Slip Floor treatments/coatings and PTV Testing (Pendulum Slip Testing)

Based in Tamworth, New Look Clean can provide anti-slip floor treatments to all types of flooring throughout Staffordshire and the West Midlands. We can also provide PTV Anti-Slip Testing (Pendulum Anti-Slip Testing) throughout the UK.

Has your business had an audit identifying areas of flooring that don’t comply with the HSE guidelines for anti-slip properties? Or do you have some flooring at home which is slippery and dangerous? Looking for solutions to make your floor non-slip without replacing the floor?

We can help…

Ensuring the welfare of your staff and public visitors is paramount and solutions to ensuring your floors have the proper amount of reduced slip properties can be very costly. The expense of having to replace large areas of flooring can make it seem impossible. However, we can apply the right treatment or coating to your EXISTING FLOORS OF ALL TYPES reducing not only costs massively, but also the risks of injury due to slips or claims for falls.

The Problem....Floor Type or Contamination?

The poor slip resistance of a floor can because of the floor composition itself or because of dirt and other contamination on the surface. Even floors designed specifically to be anti-slip, like vinyl safety flooring, can lose it’s non slip properties if it isn’t maintained correctly.

We can assess your floor and establish exactly what the best resolution is. If it’s a floor that is designed by manufacture to be non-slip it could be that overtime a build up of dirt and detergents from maintenance cleaning is affecting it’s safety performance. This build up gets into the floor surface properties that prevent slipping, stopping them doing what they are supposed to do!

Alternatively, the original flooring type may just not be suitable as a non-slip floor. It maybe fine in dry conditions, but become a serious slip hazard when wet. This can be the case with many floors found in commercial properties and homes including gloss ceramic/porcelain tiles or types of natural or man-made stone products. Caring for visitors with special needs in these areas needs to be especially considered if the floor doesn’t have the correct grade of anti-slip.

The Answer....Anti-Slip Coatings or Surface Change

We can resolve either of these issues for you, both at work or home, inside OR outside of the property.

If the anti-slip properties have decreased due to contamination, we can deep clean your flooring correctly and restore the floor to it’s original specification. This will enable the floor to then exhibit once again it’s full non-slip properties.

If the problem is the composition of the original floor itself, even in dry and/or wet conditions, we can change the top surface of the existing floor, saving the need to replace it.

We will assess the floor and recommend the best method to do this in line with the guidelines from the Health and Safety Executive.

This may involve changing the surface of the floor on a microscopic level so more grip can be achieved on the floor in all conditions. If the floor is high gloss ceramic tile, this may very slightly dull down the appearance, but still leave you with a beautiful floor that, for most visitors, will look exactly the same as before the change has been done.  This process can be done either chemically or through agitation, depending on the floor type.

Alternatively, we can add ‘top coat’ anti-slip sealers, that have the recommended HSE anti-slip properties built in. These can now also be applied to ceramic and porcelain tiles, by using our super bond primer first, this enables us to then add two coats of anti-slip PU sealer. These types of coatings are classed as permanent, come with a 3 year guarantee but can have the longevity of up to 10 years or longer.

Both of these options are the cost effective way of ensuring you reduce the risk of floor slip hazards and can be done on floors both inside and outside, with very minimal disturbance to you or your visitors.

Floor Slip Testing - PTV Testing (Pendulum Slip Testing)

If you would like to assess the anti-slip properties of flooring at your property, we can call out and carry out Pendulum Slip Testing which is the benchmark test recommended by the Health and Safety Executive. This detailed independent testing can be done easily at your building, inside or outside, giving you a full breakdown of the floor slip properties and highlight any areas that need addressing. We can carry out this testing throughout the UK and send you the details of the testing.

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So Choose Us...

We have worked for many commercial clients including offices, medical centres, schools, nurseries, children centres, amusement parks, churches, shops, restaurants, libraries and many more! If you are looking for solutions to help with anti-slip flooring contact us to arrange your free no obligation quote.

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