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carpet, upholstery and infection control cleaning
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domestic & commercial -
carpets, upholstery, leather & curtains
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infection control cleaning
with certified sanitisers including fogging treatments
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ATP Hygiene testing
using state of the art machines to confirm surfaces are clean
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ATP Hygiene Testing – a way to test how clean your building is

New Look Clean provide ATP Hygiene Testing in Birmingham, Tamworth, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield and all of The Midlands.

ATP Hygiene testing (or ATP testing) is a way to accurately test if a surface is clean. We use state of the art handheld digtal ATP Hygiene meters that will give results in seconds on site – no need to send away for laboratory tests.

The testing is normally done in two stages. Firstly the test will be done before any cleaning is carried out to get an accurate result of the dirt contamination. Then, once the cleaning has been carried out, we test the same areas to confirm the surfaces are now cleaned to the correct level. This gives our clients real peace of mind and recorded proof of the cleanliness of the areas.

The ATP testing is normally carried out by us as part of our infection control cleaning services. However, we are also able to do independent ATP Hygiene testing for you as a ‘one off service’. If you have a cleaning contractor and want to confirm the cleaning is being done to a satisfactory level, or need to know what areas of your premises are the most contaminated so they can receive more in depth cleaning in future, we can call out and do the testing for you as an independent ‘stand alone’ service.

You may have seen this type of testing on TV shows where they are used to indicate a ‘before and after’ state of clean. More recently you will also of seen local councils and other companies using this type of testing to see what areas – both indoor and outdoor, are the most contaminated so they understand more about infection control and how to manage it.

Using our independent ATP testing is a very cost effective way of doing periodic hygiene tests. The cost of buying the equipment is high and the ongoing investments you would need to make purchasing the swabs etc means with our very competitive pricing for ‘one off’ tests, it can be a simple, independent and cheap way to maintain your cleaning standards.

In some circumstances as well, the area being tested may have been contaminated with something that would mean full PPE needs to be worn through the testing process. This may put your employees at risk. We have professional full body PPE so can test in all environments both indoor and outdoor.

If we can help you with ATP Hygiene testing services, please get in touch, we cover Birmingham, Tamworth, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield and all of The Midlands areas.

Virus update

Our sanitising solution is one of the first in the UK to be tested & certified to destroy the specific Coronavirus SARS CoV-2 which causes Covid-19.