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Birmingham COVID Cleaning Service Coronavirus

New Look Clean provide COVID cleaning services in Birmingham with Ultra Low Volume electrostatic fogging and touch point cleaning. Also known as Coronavirus cleaning for Birmingham areas.

We utilize an antimicrobial solution that is tested and certified to destroy viruses and bacteria INCLUDING CORONAVIRUS SARS-COV 2 which brings about the ailment COVID-19.

It is additionally effective against MRSA, C-Diff, Norovirus, Hepatitis and most bacteria and viruses known to mankind – it is certified with a Log Kill of 6. It will leave a layer of security for up to thirty days after our application. The solution is water based, non harmful, bio degradeable and harmless around elderly, children and family pets.

Our technique for applying the solution is an electrostatic spraying systems – imported by New Look Clean from the leading manufacturer in the UNITED STATES. The mist is given a harmless charge as it leaves the nozzle and then will wrap around and bond to surface areas – a true 360 degree coverage. This system is as far as we are aware, unique to New Look Clean in the UK and our financial investment in giving the very best possible sanitising of locations. We did attempt systems offered in the UK suggesting to be electrostatic, but they really did not function effectively and were unstable and badly engineered – so we went to the very best electrostatic spraying manufacturer in the U.S.A. to obtain their top quality product. Please click here for full information.

We can supply electrostatic ULV fogging with our certified product which is harmless in environments with electricals and specifically designed to sanitise properties like offices, sporting activities centres, bars, pubs, dining establishments, hotels, dentists, doctors, medical centres, shops – all industrial environments. We can also use the exact same methods in domestic properties that need sanitising.

We can either touch point clean with the solution first and then use our electrostatic fogging system to sanitise the structure on mass, or if you have an existing cleaning routine, we can after that support this with our electrostatic ULV fogging as a standalone service. This means we can tailor the service to your demands and make it really budget friendly. Our solution can secure the surface areas from viruses and bacteria for up to one month after the procedure.

We provide a Sanitisation Certification and also stickers/decals to be displayed in the locations to confirm what treatment has actually been accomplished and the certified solution made use of.

If you are in the Birmingham area and need help keeping your staff and clients safe from Coronavirus COVID-19 and other infections, we can help – please contact us or visit our infection control page and electrostatic fogging page for more information on what we do.