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Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning...

New Look Clean provide a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service including all methods – extraction cleaning, low moisture cleaning and dry cleaning.

We will always assess the fabric to be cleaned and use the correct system for that fabric. We do not simply rely on a one system does all approach – that is just not going to achieve the desired results and can end in damaged carpets and upholstery.

Some fibres are sensitive to the chemical pH scale of cleaning solutions (this means the acidity or alkalinity.) Using a chemical that is too acidic or too alkaline can permanently damage the dye or fabric itself, we will always use the correct level and do any necessary tests before applying the solution.

Also, some fabrics can be heat sensitive or even wet sensitive, another reason to ensure your chosen cleaner has the knowledge to identify the fabric and choose the right solution and system.

We don’t use soaps, detergents or harsh chemicals to accomplish our great cleaning results. Other carpet cleaning processes can leave behind chemicals and soapy dirt attracting residues. Ask yourself this – would you wash your hands with soap and not rinse them afterwards? Of course not, but that’s exactly what can happen with the wrong cleaning chemistry, leaving behind a residue that will attract more dirt when its dry.

The cleaning solutions we use are detergent free, organic, free rinsing, non toxic and do not need damaging high temperatures to work. They actually break dirt down instead of attracting it like a detergent, so the chemistry is completely different and kinder to the fabric.

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Carpet Cleaning Methods...

Water Extraction
Low Moisture
Dry Cleaning

water extraction

Firstly a full dry vacuum with a professional grade, commercial vacuum cleaner. This is very important, any dry soiling should be removed prior to the fabric being made wet. A crucial part of the process often missed out or avoided! Dry soiling left in by not vacuuming first, then becomes harder to remove once wet and will affect the overall final appearance. A proper commercial vacuum cleaner is geared for high air flow and has 2 motors – one for the vacuum and the other for the brush so it removes the most amount of dry soiling.

We then we apply the non detergent cleaning solution to the fabric which is then agitated mechanically (with a dedicated machine) which is tough on dirt but kind to fabric. This gets our solution in to contact with much more dirt and fabric and helps to break down the soiling. Again agitation is a key part of the process and if missed out will drastically affect the final results.

Then, we rinse and extract the soiling from the carpet with our van mounted extractor. The temperature of the rinse water will be adjusted dependent on the fabric type. The extractor is mounted on the van so we can use our clean water tank on the van to supply the machine. The dirty water tank is also located in the van so all the dirty water is stored there, not in your house. This improves air quality within your home and means no coming to your sink for water and carrying buckets through your house! The machine is massively powerful and has huge airflow to pick up more soiling and moisture leaving cleaner and dryer carpets. The hoses for the machine are much larger in diameter to take advantage of the massive airflow. 

If we can’t get close to the property, we have industry leading portable machines so we can access most properties.

low moisture

This is a lower moisture system that can give us the same results as extraction cleaning but with quicker drying times. The carpet is vacuumed and pretreated with cleaning solution as above.

We then use the appropriate low moisture machine to agitate and extract the soiling with its patented system. The carpet dries more quickly as less moisture is used and a polymer coating is left on all the fibres once dry, helping to protect the carpet from dirt in the future.

With low moisture cleaning we are able to get carpets dry from 30 minutes after the clean and it is ideal for when the area needs to be back in action as soon as possible. It will achieve outstanding results but is not suitable for all types of fabric and soiling – we can assess this before the cleaning is done. The carpet is still deep cleaned, sanitised and deodorised.

dry cleaning

For dry carpet cleaning, we use the industry leading Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System. Full details on this system can be found here, on their website.

The first thing we do is to give the carpet a thorough vacuuming as with the other carpet cleaning methods.

We then use Host sponges which are scattered at the appropriate ratio on to the carpet fibres. Host sponges are a soft natural organic product consisting of millions of absorbent particles moistened with 100% plant-based ingredients that dissolve both water soluble and solvent soluble soil.

Host sponges are –

  • Non-abrasive
  • WoolSafe approved
  • Fully bio-degradable
  • Safe for the environment

Host sponges work in much the same way as an ordinary kitchen sponge. Just like you would use a sponge to wipe up a spill or to wash and absorb dirt from counter or a wall, Host is used to clean and absorb dirt from your carpet.

The next stage is the most important, we use the Host dry extraction machine to agitate the carpet fibres and sponges together to absorb all the dirt from your carpet. The Host machine is a Contra Rotating Brush Machine – this equipment is specifically designed to facilitate the deep cleaning of the fibres, loosening not only dirt but also any remaining pet hair etc and aiding the sponges to absorb the soiling.

Once this has been done, we then allow a ‘dwell time’ to let the sponges to continue to absorb soiling of all types – grease, spots and stains. The sponge appearance will change as the dirt is sucked away from the fibres into them.

Once we are happy we have absorbed all the soiling possible, we will then use our commercial grade vacuum cleaner to remove all of the sponges from the carpet, which is then followed up with the carpet being groomed to complete the process.

Your carpet will be left clean, fresh and completely dry – ready for use immediately after.

Upholstery Cleaning Methods...

Water Extraction
Low Moisture

water extraction

Upholstery differs from carpet due to the amount of different fibres that can be used in the construction.

A carpet face fibre is generally always made up of one of 3 fibres – wool, polypropylene or nylon. However, there is a multitude of fabrics that are used in upholstery manufacturing and it is even more important with upholstery to recognise the type before cleaning. We will always need to see upholstery before booking in the clean – this can either by us calling out to see it, or you are welcome to send images by email or WhatsApp.

Like carpet, some upholstery can be heat, chemical or moisture sensitive.

The industries recognised best method for cleaning upholstery is water extraction – the same principles apply as with carpet water extraction. This means the upholstery is firstly vacuumed, then a pre-treatment is applied and gently agitated into the fabric before being rinsed with water at a temperature appropriate to the fabric.

This is our preferred method of cleaning upholstery. The type of tools we use to extract with ensure the fabric is not over wet, we want to clean the outer fabric and ensure the inner’s of the upholstery remain dry so the drying time is just a few hours.

If this isn’t possible as the fabric is sensitive in some way, we can offer low moisture cleaning detailed below.

low moisture

If we determine your upholstery needs to be cleaned with a lower moisture method we can do this in a similar way to low moisture carpet cleaning.

We will still vacuum the upholstery and then clean the fabric with less moisture and a different type of cleaning solution. The fabric is not water extracted meaning less moisture is used.

This method can achieve the same results as water extraction and we will advise once we have seen your upholstery.

Please note – we do not offer dry cleaning of upholstery. This is simply because we have found, unlike dry cleaning of carpets which can give amazing results, dry cleaning of upholstery is always a very limited type of clean and we never want to leave you disappointed!

Some upholstery will state on the care label that it is dry clean only. This is very often to deter customers from trying to wash the cushions etc in a washing machine. Very often the best method to clean it will still be water extraction by a professional cleaner – we will identify the fabric for you and advise on this.

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