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Childrens Day Nursery Electrostatic Fogging COVID-19 Coronavirus Cleaning Disinfecting Protection

New Look Clean using our ULV Electrostatic Fogging system to safeguard a Children’s Day Nursery from Coronavirus SARS-Cov 2 which causes COVID-19.

The electrostatic system works by giving the solution a negative charge when leaving the nozzle and making the ultra fine mist attract and bond to objects in a 360 degree coverage.

You can read full details of our system here.

Obviously safety is paramount, especially in areas that infants will be. The product we use in these in these environments is FOOD SAFE and non toxic to children – it is PH neutral so also safe for soft furnishings. Even though it is gentle on us and the environment, it is fully antimicrobial so tough on viruses and bacteria – it is tested and certified to destroy the Coronavirus that causes COVID-19. It has a destroy effect of viruses in just seconds when it is applied but will also leave the surface protected for up to weeks after.

If you see the video footage below, you can see how our electrostatic system puts down a ‘blanket’ of low volume moisture and has no gaps or drips – at different stages of the video you will see it applied even on windows with complete even coverage easily and zero drips or runs. This allows it to be safe over electricals in offices but leave the right amount of product to have enough dwell time to be effective.

If we can help you protect your Children’s Day Nursery with Coronavirus cleaning and fogging please contact us.