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Infection Control
Infection Control Cleaning including Electrostatic Fogging

Laboratory tested & certified antimicrobial solutions.

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covid cleaning walsall

COVID Cleaning Medical Centre with Electrostatic Spraying

New Look Clean using our amazing electrostatic fogging system from ESS in America at a medical centre/doctors surgery.

Safeguarding patients and staff. Our system gives the sanitising mist a negative charge as it leaves the nozzle, this makes the mist attract to surfaces and actually go against gravity, meaning it will actually wrap around objects in a 360 degree way and bond with the surface, giving the best possible way to cover the front, back and sides of all the surfaces in one pass.

If you look closely, you will notice a very tiny drip from the nozzle occasionally – this is not a leak! This is because the mist is electrostatically charged and some of it actually comes back and wraps around the nozzle! So its an indication it’s working. The solution is fully antimicrobial and laboratory tested and certified to destroy the Coronavirus SARS-CoV 2 virus in seconds and provide a residual destroy effect for up to 30 days after. It has a log kill of 6. It is however food safe and completely non toxic to humans and pets etc. As the micro droplets are attracted to the surfaces and do not hang in the air like normal ULV fogging, the areas can be entered again much more quickly after the process. It is the perfect way to disinfect large areas quickly and safely.