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Electrostatic Fogging to Disinfect...

New Look Clean provide electrostatic fogging / spraying using state of the art electrostatic sprayers imported by us into the UK.

We offer electrostatic fogging for disinfection, sanitising infection control purposes all through the UK to combat viruses and bacteria, including Coronavirus SARS-CoV 2 that causes COVID-19.

We imported our system from Electrostatic Spraying Systems in the USA – the leading manufacturer of electrostatic spraying with patented technology.

The Advantages of Electrostatic...

The advantage of Ultra Low Volume (ULV) electrostatic fogging is that the spray/mist is given a harmless electrostatic charge as it leaves the spraying nozzle – the charged droplets are then attracted to the earthed surfaces and will wrap around and bond with the entire 360 degrees of the object, even if its only sprayed from one side. This in our opinion, is the absolute best way to get a disinfectant in contact with areas ‘on mass’ and give you peace of mind the whole area has been treated. The attraction is 75 times greater than gravity, enabling our certified sanitisers to really make a solid bond with the objects – on top, underneath and all around.

The system is fully portable and works with an electric compressor which generates the airflow. This then atomises the solution in our back packs which is then given the electrostatic charge as it leaves the patented spray nozzle. Please note – this is not an inferior system like the Victory electrostatic sprayers – we tried those and they were poorly made, the spray pattern was poor and the unit we had failed after 2 days.

The antimicrobial cleaning solution we use is one of the first in the UK to be laboratory tested and certified to destroy CORONAVIRUS SARS-COV 2 WHICH LEADS TO THE ILLNESS COVID-19. It is antimicrobial, meaning it is effective against viruses and bacteria. As well as the new strain of Coronavirus, its is also effective against MRSA, C-Diff, Norovirus, Hepatitis and most pathogens known to mankind. It will leave a protective barrier on the surface for up to 30 days after our fogging procedure. It is non toxic – it will not affect the elderly, children or pets. It’s water based and biodegradable but highly effective on viruses and bacteria with a Log Kill of 6.

We chose the best manufacturer in the World for our electrostatic system – it is trusted by leading Companies throughout the Globe to fight pathogens and keep people safe. 

The Process...

The Ultra Low Volume electrostatic cold fogging machine uses a water based solution – ours is antimicrobial (anti bacterial and anti viral) and is safe and non toxic to humans or pets. As the name suggests, the solution is not heated, but misted using airflow so the solution is atomised – the machine will produce droplets of a very small micron size. These droplets are small enough to be seen as a ‘fog’, but not as a dry smoke like thermal fogging. The fog created by a cold fogger will leave a very fine blanket of moisture rather than large droplets. This is so we get an even coverage over the entire surface without gaps between the droplets which could miss the microscopic pathogens. The layer left can be compared to light condensation. This moisture dries quickly without drips, even on plastic and glass surfaces, but stays in contact with the surface long enough to be effective against the contamination. The very small droplets will access tiny crevices in surfaces so will be easily absorbed and be more effective. Our electrostatic systems from the leading manufacturer in the USA will give the tiny droplets a safe harmless electrical charge that will make them attract to surfaces and objects to give true 360 degree coverage and bond with an attraction 75 times greater than gravity alone. Standard ULV foggers will only reach surfaces sprayed from the same side of the application – not over the entire 360 degree surface area of the object.

The water evaporates quickly, leaving behind the sanitising compound that will destroy viruses and bacteria on contact and leave a protective barrier for up to 30 days. This compound left behind will be completely undetectable and leave no noticable residue, but it will be there to protect you!

As the solution is atomised it can be dispersed over long distances – up to ceilings and over desks, furniture – getting to areas not possible by other means. It is completely safe to use over electrical items such as computer monitors and keyboards etc and food safe for kitchen environments. It is also completely safe for your soft furnishings such as sofa’s and carpets but will still be just as effective as it is on hard surfaces.

Large areas inside can be covered quickly and effectively. The areas need to be empty of people when its being applied – to safeguard in case of allergies to atomised solutions, not because our solution is toxic.

Unlike other fogging techniques, as our atomised solution is attracted to surfaces, the air quality after the procedure is much improved. Standard fogging relies on gravity to settle the micron particles and can take hours before the area is safe to return to. With our electrosotatic fogging, we find the areas are normally safe to return to immediately after we have applied it.

Electrostatic ULV cold fogging is extremely effective for decontamination and preventative infection control. We have experience of infection control cleaning since 2007 and in our opinion, this is the most effective way to safeguard you.

As our solution truly disinfects surfaces quickly on contact, if you have an existing cleaning regime in place, our electrostatic fogging service is a very cost effective standalone system to disinfect premises entirely. We can use the system in both commercial premises and domestic houses. For more information on infection control cleaning including COVID-19 cleaning please see our infection control page here.

peace of mind…

Experienced and trained...

We have completed training in Infection Prevention and Control that is accredited by The ROSPA and also The CPD Certification Service. We have completed infection control cleaning since 2007 for both preventative and decontamination of pathogen infectious diseases in domestic and commercial properties. This has included medical centres, GP surgery’s, children’s nurseries, care homes, offices and many more.

fully insured

We ARE insured for fogging and disinfection services.


We have carried out infection control cleaning since 2007.

Trained & Qualified

We have carried out recognised infection control training.

Flexible and Fast Response

We can work out of regular hours and will respond to your needs quickly.

Do You Need COVID-19 Cleaning?


So Choose Us...

If you are looking for COVID-19 cleaning or any other type of infection control cleaning then contact us – we will be happy to give advice and options on what you need to do.

We are happy to help in these circumstances and give transparent information to help you.

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