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Floor tile and grout cleaning in Sutton Coldfield

Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning Sutton Coldfield

New Look Clean cleaning ceramic floor tile and grout in Sutton Coldfield.

The grout lines were very dirty as was the rest of the ceramic tiling.

We started cleaning the floor tiles and grout at this home in Sutton Coldfield by firstly carefully dry vacuuming the whole area.

Then we applied the appropriate cleaning solution over the area and allowed that to dwell for a period of time to start breaking down the dirt.

We then used a rotary machine and the correct brush to agitate the whole area to loosen all the dirt and grease. Using the right brush on the rotary machine means we can dig deep into the surface and grout lines but whilst not damaging the surface. 

We then also scrubbed all the grout lines with a grout brush – as the grout is recessed and was really dirty, we needed to ensure we loosened off all the dirt from the grout before the next stage.

Then, the dirty slurry is extracted away from the ceramic tiles and the floor is rinsed and extracted again with water. This ensures the floor is brought back to a clean, neutral state.

We then used a microfibre mop to help remove any remaining surface dampness and then used air movers to quickly dry the area.

The final stage was then to apply a sealer to the grout lines. This will help to keep the grout cleaner for longer and the client to maintain the floor. It will also help when the floor tiles and grout have their next deep clean from us as the grout will of had some protection over time.

As you can see from the picture below during the cleaning process, the transformation is remarkable – revealing white grout lines under the brown that was there before!

New Look Clean ceramic floor tile and grout cleaning in Sutton Coldfield – if we can help you, please get in touch!

Floor tile and grout cleaning in Sutton Coldfield