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Infection Control
Infection Control Cleaning including Electrostatic Fogging

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Hard Floor Cleaning...

New Look Clean provide hard floor cleaning in Tamworth, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield and throughout The Midlands for both commercial and domestic properties.

We can clean most type of hard flooring types including –

  • Floor tiles and grout cleaning

  • Vinyl flooring including cushioned flooring and LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tiling)

  • Safety flooring

  • Rubber tiles in gym’s etc

  • Ceramic floors

  • Stone flooring

Hard floors are extremely hard wearing and can be an ideal choice in a lot of environments. Unfortunately though, they very often only receive basic maintenance cleaning with mops which won’t be adequate to give them a really deep down clean. 

This can lead to a build up of dirt and grease and make your hard flooring look dull and grubby, even after you’ve cleaned it. This is because just mopping over the top of the surface, won’t be sufficient to extract all the deep down dirt and bacteria.

Our multi stage process will restore your flooring and give it a super deep clean. We can also use an antimicrobial cleaning solution that will not only clean, but also destroy viruses and bacteria from the floor too.

How We Clean Hard Floors...

Our Multi Stage System

1. Identification

We will inspect the floor to identify the type of surface present. That will then determine the type of cleaning solution and method we will use to clean the floor. Some hard floors are damaged by acidic or alkaline chemicals so this is important. The type of surface will also determine how we agitate the floor.

2. Remove Dry Soiling

We will then proceed to remove any dry soiling from the floor with a thorough vacuuming of the whole area with a vacuum cleaner and protect any local areas susceptible to moisture such as kicker boards and skirting.

3. Apply the Cleaning Solution & Agitate

The appropriate cleaning solution is then applied to the floor and agitated. The machine and exact process will vary between flooring types - we will choose the correct one to reach the deep down dirt lodged in the floor. We use Rotary machines, Dual Contra Rotating Brush Machines and also the Cimex Triple Contra Rotating Brush Machine. This process lifts the dirt and suspends it on the surface.

4. Rinse the Surface

We then rinse and extract the floor with clean water. The extraction machine has high powered triple vacuum motors, which will remove the previously agitated dirt and cleaning solution from the floor and then the clean rinse water will be jetted at the surface and again recovered. This then leaves the floor deep cleaned and virtually dry.

5. Dry Mopping

The floor is then mopped with dry microfibre mops, to remove any final moisture and leave the surface beautifully clean and ready to be put back into use as soon as possible.

6. The Area is Cleared

Finally, we remove any protective films put in place over areas susceptible to moisture and return your floor to you but now much cleaner!

commercial hard floor cleaning services

We specialise in large area hard floor cleaning for commercial areas. This can include floor tiles and grout in kitchen areas, saftey flooring in doctors surgeries/medical centres/childrens nurseries, rubber flooring in gyms and any other types of hard floor areas that need a deep clean in between your maintenance cleaning.

Our process will remove ingrained dirt from within your flooring and using our antimicrobial cleaning solution, we can also eliminate viruses and bacteria, so not only clean, but sanitise as well. Safety flooring and vinyl/rubber products can harbour lots of dirt and bacteria within the surface and it’s vital to have periodic deep cleaning to keep your clients and staff safe. Similarly, tile and grout flooring especially in food preparation areas, need deep cleaning to maintain hygiene standards. 

For larger commercial hard floor cleaning, we are able to travel throughout the Midland areas including Tamworth, Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Coventry, Nuneaton, Stafford, Wolverhampton, Burton and Birmingham.

domestic hard floor cleaning services

Lots of houses contain hard floors – they are durable but can become dirty over time with just general mopping. This can lead to the breakdown of the finish and bacteria in the cracks and crevices.

Maybe your kitchen floor tiles are looking old and dirty? Maybe you have vinyl flooring in your lounge including Luxury Vinyl Tiling or Karndean/Amtico? Or your stone floors are in need of attention?

With our multi stage, deep down hard floor cleaning, we can revive your surfaces and restore them to their former glory. Not only cleaning, but sanitising the area as well.

For smaller domestic hard floor cleaning, we operate mainly in the Tamworth, Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield areas.


Your Hard Floor Cleaning Specialists...

New Look Clean promise expert attention with a friendly and honest approach. If you are looking for deep hard floor cleaning services then contact us to arrange your free no obligation quote.

Please also check out our Cleaning Blog which we will try to update as often as possible.