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Limestone floor cleaning in Sutton Coldfield

Limestone floor cleaning Sutton Coldfield

New Look Clean limestone floor cleaning in Sutton Coldfield.

We cleaned and sealed this kitchen limestone floor in Sutton Coldfield…

We started by dry vacuuming the whole kitchen area first to ensure any grit and dust was removed.

We then applied the correct cleaning chemical that is safe for limestone cleaning. This was left for a short period of time so it could start to emulsify the dirt and grease.

We then used a heavy rotary machine with the correct floor pads, to agitate the cleaning solution and detach the dirt from the floor. We also scrubbed all of the grout lines to ensure we accessed the recessed grout areas to loosen all the dirt trapped.

The dirty slurry was then extracted from the limestone floor and then the floor was rinsed and extracted with water to ensure all the dirt was removed and the floor was left in a neutral state.

We then set about sealing the limestone kitchen floor with an impregnating limestone sealer. This is really important with limestone floors, especially in kitchen environments, as the limestone is porous and the sealer will help keep the floor protected. It will enable the client to keep the floor clean with little maintenance and keep its appearance for a long time to come.

We then used air movers to dry the limestone floor and grout quickly.

The client decided not to have the limestone floor polished but it is something we offer. After the cleaning process, we can diamond polish the floor to remove scratches and etch marks from the floor and restore the level of shine chosen by the client, before then finally sealing.

New Look Clean limestone floor cleaning in Sutton Coldfield – if we can help you, please get in touch!

Limestone floor cleaning in Sutton Coldfield
limestone floor cleaning Sutton Coldfield - after the clean