New Look Clean working for a client off Eastern Avenue in Lichfield.

The client had reduced mobility, meaning they spent a lot of time sat in one chair in the lounge.

They had unfortunately spilt numerous things on the carpet around the chair including red wine, tea and coffee. As they trafficked around the chair all day and evening, it was all very much worn into the carpet.

Their main concern was moving furniture as they were unable to lift.

No problem to New Look Clean, we’ll always move furniture and help as much as possible to keep any disturbance to a minimum.

After making sure the client was comfortable in another room with a cup of tea we set about cleaning the carpet!

We removed all the marking around the chair and the rest of the lounge. The tea tannin stain was stubborn as it had been there for a long time and in direct sunlight all the time, but our advanced spotting techniques and stain reducing treatment did the job.

The client was over the moon and back in the chair watching the TV before we left!

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