New Look Clean cleaning more water marking from a sofa in Lichfield today.

The client had had more than one quote for cleaning (very sensible!) and one of the other cleaners had called out to view the sofa to arrange the quote in the same way we do. The other cleaning company quoted twice as much as New Look Clean and said they could clean the sofa but not remove the water marking (the customer didn’t disclose this until after our written quote was handed over!)

Water marking is a problem but a very common occurrence – most people will try to clean their carpet and upholstery by themselves at some point which will result in this.

Our pre-treatment of the fabric is key to our success, the treatment is allowed dwell time to work and also agitated to help break down the soiling. All of the fabric we clean is sanitised and cleaned Рthis has 2 benefits. Obviously the fabric is sanitised of bacteria etc BUT ALSO  the sanitiser is very active at breaking down this type of soiling that causes the water marking. This gives us results way above many others!

Water Marking on Sofa

DIY cleaning has left this result!

Water Marking Gone!

The water marking is now cleaned from the fabric and in a few hours when its dry, the client will have a beautiful, fresh sofa once again.

At the same property in Lichfield we also cleaned the carpets. Again the client had attempted to clean some areas themselves, from the pictures below you will see where the cleaning solution has ‘striped’ the carpet on the stairs. The residue left by this detergent shampoo would soon start to attract more dirt, start going grey and lead to an even dirtier carpet!

Dirty Stairs Carpet

The DIY cleaning can be seen!

Clean Stairs Carpet!

Now bright, clean and no stripes!

Dull, dirty and stripey!

Lines clearly visible left by the shop bought shampoo

A Better First Appearance!

Now as you come through the front door, that carpet looks much better.

Virus update

Our sanitising solution is one of the first in the UK to be tested & certified to destroy the specific Coronavirus SARS CoV-2 which causes Covid-19.