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Stain Protecting Carpets & Upholstery...

In the early years of New Look Clean being established we used to offer stain protecting of carpets and upholstery – very often known as ‘Scotchgarding’ as Scotchgard is the UK’s most known stain protector made by 3M.

We always felt that the product didn’t deliver the promises made by the manufacturer. It just didn’t protect the fibres as well as we wanted and so ultimately what the client wanted, so we set about researching and trialling all the commercial stain protectors that were available in the UK.

Our Findings...

During our research we learnt an awful lot about the chemical make up of stain protectors – and when we say awful, we mean it was awful!

We were shocked to find that stain protection formulations are made up of ‘Forever Chemicals’. These are chemicals that can not be broken down at all – either by us in our bodies or in the environment.  These fluorocarbons (long chain carbons) are causing long term health problems for us, our families and the environment. They are known as PFAS chemicals and New Look Clean is supporting No to PFAS. Studies report that 98% of us already have PFAS within us and that’s bad news. A chemical we can’t break down at all within our bodily systems and is linked to health problems including cancers should not be disregarded. By ignoring this and continuing to use these products, we simply store up more problems for the generations to come.

Our Conclusion...

If we provided stain protecting of fabrics we could obviously earn more. We could potentially increase our NET profit on jobs by 30 to 50% as other companies do.


  1. Health – Our customers health, our health and the health of our environment and future generations. The PFAS chemicals need to banned.
  2. The Product Benefits – We have found the stain protecting properties to be disappointing and over sold. Very often it also isn’t applied correctly after cleaning meaning the product doesn’t even bond with the fabric and then has no use at all to the customers. Also – most fibres nowadays are synthetic based (with more and more being recycled fibres which is good!) and already stain resistant – adding stain protector to them holds no value whatsoever.  The stain protection is supposed to leave a coating on the fibre to make it less absorbent and more stain resistant – properties a synthetic fibre already has!

What we can do...

New Look Clean can use cleaning products that do not contain PFAS but do offer dirt repellents once the fibre is dry. Although this is not a full stain protection treatment, we believe it acts just as well to protect your fibres and we DO NOT charge extra for it.

With our experience, we can also advise on exactly what type of fabrics you have, how best to care for them and what to do if something happens like spillages etc – we are only ever a phone call away.

So we are sorry (but not sorry) that we do not offer stain protection for carpets and upholstery. If you would like to learn more then please visit this site that can go into much more detail than we can! 

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