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New Look Clean
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cleaning services near me
New Look Clean
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cleaning services near me

Terms and Conditions

Our Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Our policies and terms and conditions are straight forward, we trade in a transparent and qualified manner. We promise to –

  • continue taking our working practices forward through constant learning/training.
  • continue to invest in the best possible cleaning equipment available.
  • always ensure we use best practices and techniques during our cleaning.
  • offer the best value for money professional cleaning we can.

Our large database of satisfied clients is testament to our professionalism and attention to detail. We pride ourselves on a good job done and a happy customer.

If you believe we have at all let you down in any of the above we will of course honour our guarantee of cleaning the area again for free and then refund your money if you are still unsatisfied. Of course, any guarantee must come with some conditions so a code of practice can be adhered to. Without a set terms and conditions a code of practice and level of service can not be set  – ours is simply based on common sense and there to protect the client and ourselves. Our conditions are below –

When the work is completed, we will always ask if you are completely satisfied with the service and your payment at that point (whether by cash or cheque) is your confirmation of satisfaction. We will always inform you of best practices to ensure the fabric dries as quickly as possible and any other information needed such as slip hazards etc. If you experience any problems after we have left, we ask the problem is brought to our attention (verbally) within 24 hours of the work being completed (including drying times longer than 6 to 8 hours.) We will then ask for you to document it in writing (email or letter) within another 24 hours so a full record of the procedure can be held. Failure to do so will void our guarantee and we will consider the matter resolved.  Once work has commenced, it is accepted by the client that they have read and understood these terms and conditions in full and that they have agreed to the quotation given and understand the outcome of the clean explained at such quotation, along with these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are final and are available in a printed document upon request.

We will always test fabrics before cleaning for problems such as colour run and shrinkage and our professional training means we are experts at determining the best practice cleaning for each fibre encountered. However, will will not be held responsible for any problems that were existing before the clean or due to incorrectly fitted/secured fabrics and carpets. We will also not be held responsible for any problems that are not reported within the time scales laid out above.

We will move furniture that we can without risking damage to the item being moved or the carpet. We move sofa’s and dining tables etc as standard practice as we want to give you the most thorough clean possible. We will discuss with you when we quote or before we commence work about what will be moved. We will not be able to move furniture that will maybe become damaged by movement (for example units full of books or crockery etc.) We will move TV units if again it is possible without breakage – if there are many electrical wires behind the unit etc we will not attempt to get that area of carpet damp and will use a dry clean on that area only for safety reasons. We have no problem attempting to move furniture that we can but please remember we are carpet cleaners and not removal men and we will not take responsibility for any damage made to an item being moved as unfortunately once some furniture is erected it is not suitable for movement.

We will protect the carpet from marking by furniture placed back by ourselves before the carpet is dry and we will explain to the client not to remove the protectors until the carpet is totally dry. We will also advise not to place anything onto the fabric at all until it is completely dry to prevent marking.

We will always endeavour to provide you with the best possible clean available and we do care about our results. We amaze our clients with just how good the results can be from professional cleaning and we will always give an honest assessment before the clean to give the client an idea of what can be done. Please remember, a permanent mark will always be permanent and we can’t promise to remove every stain from the fabric. If this is the case our expertise will mean we will be able to explain what type of mark is present and why we can’t remove it.

If the client cancels the cleaning appointment without atleast 3 working days notice, a cancellation fee of £50 will be due immediately – we have to charge this as we do not ask for deposits before the work is carried out.

On all our written quotes these terms and conditions are documented on the reverse. If the quote is given verbally you will be advised to refer to these terms and conditions available on the website. It is assumed the client has understood the terms and conditions in full if we are asked to carry out the work and if the client refuses the terms and conditions they do so by not having the work done by ourselves.

New Look Clean Ltd – also part of the Eco Carpet Care Network (non franchised and totally independent.)

Our Price Match Terms and Conditions

This is really quite simple – we will price match any other local Company for cleaning. They simply need to be trained and professional – we would deem this as having some sort of qualifications and recognised Trade Association membership within the industry. We would just need to see some proof of the quote also. 

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