To sell your property quickly for the best possible price, a little sprucing up will no doubt be
in order. Yet when you’re mopping the kitchen floor or scrubbing your bathroom tiles, don’t
forget that your carpets will also be in need of a deep clean.

Having nice, clean and fresh carpets could make a big difference to the look and feel of your
entire property, helping you to secure that quick sale. Here are some of the many benefits of
getting them cleaned before moving home.

1. It will help create the best first impression.
Spotless carpets that smell great will give buyers a great first impression of your property:
that it’s clean, has been well looked after and lovingly cared for. If your carpets aren’t clean,
buyers will assume the rest of the property isn’t either.

2. It will eliminate any odours
It’s surprising how much carpets can hold odours. Strong smells from pets, cigarette smoke or
even food can linger in your carpets and will be instantly noticeable and unpleasant to
someone who has never been in your property before. Carpet cleaning is therefore so
important when moving home because it eliminates odours and will leave your property
smelling fresh and clean.

3. It removes stains
Maybe you dropped your dinner plate on the dining room carpet, or perhaps your kids had a
bit too much fun with the finger paints. Either way, you simply can’t leave that stain just sat
there in plain view when trying to sell your home. Cleaning your carpets will finally remove
any stubborn stains once and for all.

4. It will brighten the place up
It’s amazing how much dirt can accumulate on carpets over time. You may not have noticed
your carpets slowly changing colour, but with a thorough clean you’ll be surprised at how
much brighter they, and in turn each room, will look.

5. It’s one less thing for buyers to think about
Cleaning your carpets will help entice buyers who are looking for a low-maintenance
property they can move straight into. It will eliminate the need to buy new carpets, which can
be costly and may put some buyers off.

This article was written in conjunction with home and office removalist Hire A Mover

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