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Using a CRB Machine for Agitation and Why?

We very often get asked why we use mechanical agitation on carpets (with a machine.)

The answer is its a very important step of the multi stage process.

We will very often use what’s called a CRB machine. This is a ‘contra rotating brush machine’ that has two large brushes that spin in opposite directions. This has the effect of opening up the fibres, rather than lying them down, so the pile becomes lifted. This helps to agitate our cleaning solution throughout the fibres so we can loosen the dirt stuck to them. It also helps to lift the pile flattened by daily traffic.

Another major advantage is even though the brushes are safe and kind to the carpet fibres, including wool, they will agitate off soiling that a vacuum cleaner or extraction machine can’t. As you can see in the images below, even though we had thoroughly vacuumed these areas with a commercial grade vacuum cleaner, after we presprayed the carpet and agitated the fibres, we got a lot of black fluff that the CRB pulled out of the carpet.  These were only small bedroom carpets, working around the beds, and the black fibres are sock fluff which had looped into the carpet and would never come out with vacuuming alone. If we hadn’t agitated the carpet with the CRB machine, these fibres would still be knitted into the carpet after the extraction cleaning process and as you can imagine, as the fibres are black and the carpet is a light colour, it would leave the carpet still looking dull after the cleaning process.

So that’s why we agitate! Cleaning is a MULTI STAGE PROCESS. Yes – it requires more time and effort, but anything less isn’t doing the job right! 

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