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Infection Control Cleaning including Electrostatic Fogging

Laboratory tested & certified antimicrobial solutions.

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Why we mechanically agitate carpets

We always use a multi stage cleaning process – part of which is mechanical agitation of the carpet. Not only is it a part of the process, it’s a MAJOR part of the process!!


You can’t get carpets clean with a ‘spray and a suck’!! This one stage process won’t be affective and will also leave detergent residues behind to attract dirt.

After we have used a commercial grade vacuum cleaner to remove the dry soiling – we then apply the appropriate detergent free cleaning solution to the carpet.

This is when the agitation is done – with a machine designed for carpet, to gently but effectively loosen the dirt from the fibres. This makes a HUGE difference to the end result. Just like your washing machine will tumble the clothes during the cleaning, your carpet needs help to be able to release the dirt.

But – another reason.

If you see the picture here you will see what else we remove during this process. That red pad in the picture was new and completely red before! The black you see now is what we call top soiling – sock fluff and hair woven into the carpets fibres that WILL NOT come off with any vacuum or any amount of sucking!

This was what came off A SINGLE BEDROOM CARPET. Yes – just one room!

Image the difference if that had been left on the carpet if we hadn’t removed it during out multi stage process!

So remember, carpet cleaning is a SERVICE, NOT A PRODUCT!

Different prices will very often mean a different service.

We are very competitive, we aren’t a franchise and offer great prices.

But beware cheap cheap offers on social media and flyers through your door – the service you get may just not be the service they promise!!

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